Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Ingrim Bernard Green has been preaching the unsearchable riches of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 15 years.  He was born and raised in Oakland California to two wonderful Christian parents Melveline and Robert Green.  He is married to Diane and has two wonderful daughters Emerald and Kaylynn Green.  Pastor Green has a Bachelor Degree in Pastoral Studies from Patten University in Oakland California.  He has a Masters Degree in Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Evangelical Training Association Graduate Teaching Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.  Pastor Green’s future goal is to obtain a Ph. D in Theological Studies.

Pastor Green’s ministry passion or mission is to be a Word-centered ministry designed to evangelize the lost at any cost, equip and empower the people of God, and provide a holistic ministry to the community of Batavia as well as the world.  Pastor Green seeks to minister to the total person.  His ministry is a multiethnic and multi-cultural ministry impacting the world in which he lives with the uncompromising message of Jesus Christ.  He is committed to the Spirit of Quality and Excellence.  Pastor Green’s ministry will strive to become an oasis of hope by promoting and providing education and awareness, as well as financial independence.  He believes that God must be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth, and his ministry will embrace freedom in worship because the Word of God declares, “Now the Lord is that Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty” (2 Cor. 3:17).  Pastor Green’s ministry foundation is the Word of God and he believes it in its entirety.  He believes the Word of God can do what it says it can do, be who it says he can be, and have what it says he can have.